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The DELTA Rx Institute Advisory Board


Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Jim Miller

Jim Miller currently serves as Chairman for the Iowa Board of Pharmacy and as Treasurer for Crescent Community Health Center. Prior to retirement, Miller was a founder and board member of Outcomes MTM, owner of several community pharmacies, an assistant professor at the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, and a community pharmacy residency preceptor.

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Mike Pursel

Mike Pursel is the Director of Medical Health Relations at Sanofi, a global pharmaceutical company focused on human health. In his current position, Mike is responsible for developing services between health care providers and patients to address unmet needs within a community.

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Tim Sullivan

Tim Sullivan currently serves as the Regional Manager of the East Coast Pharmacy Strategy at United Healthcare. He is responsible for finding new ways to create innovative patient care products through the use of health care data and additionally oversees the management of a suite of existing products. 

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Rachel Digmann

Rachel Digmann is the the Medication Safety Program Lead for the Quality Innovation Network National Coordinating Center contract at Telligen. Under the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid contract, Rachel is involved in the design and implementation of measures used to evaluate ADE outcomes using national Part D and Part A claims. 

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Katelyn Bey

Katelyn Bey is a Cardinal Health Business Consultant to independently-owned retail pharmacies. 

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Michael Wolnerman

Michael Wolnerman is a Pharmacist on the Sales Team for ReMy Health, an innovative data company. In his role, he successfully connects ReMy Health to pharmaceutical companies in order to helping patients get their expensive specialty medication faster using electronic methods.

Profile of an ASHP Innovator: Jill Haug

As Director of the Educational Strategies and Special Projects at ASHP, Dr. Haug guides the strategic planning and leads the development of innovative educational endeavors. She developed the ASHP Mentor Exchange and is a co-author of a book targeting the new practitioner audience, “Survival Strategies for Your New Career.” 

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Rick Knudson

Rick Knudson is the Associate Director in the Pharmacy Department at Navient Consulting. Rick provides consultative services to hospitals and health care systems to identify opportunities to improve cost-effective therapeutic interventions in supply chain management and medical utilization.  

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Lisa Ploehn

Lisa Ploehn is the current owner of Main at Locust Pharmacy Clinic and Medical Supplies, as well as Main Healthcare Extended Care Pharmacy, Freedom Pharmacy, and Main Compounding Pharmacy. Lisa has emphasized the importance of putting people first, always maintaining the values established by the business.