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Why Completing Your Rotation With a CPESN Community Pharmacy Makes All the Difference

What is a CPESN Pharmacy?

Community pharmacy enhanced services networks (CPESN) pharmacies approach the practice of community pharmacy differently. Instead of focusing on filling the prescription fast, accurately, inexpensively, and with little patient interaction, CPESN pharmacies focus on patients and providing a higher level of pharmacy care. CPESN is a clinically integrated network of community pharmacies across the United States that focuses on quality improvement through newly enhanced services. The network holds the participating pharmacies accountable for the care they provide to their patients by requiring a minimum of ten eCare plans to be completed each quarter.  The eCare plans are important as the network can take these to payers and providers to show the benefit and value pharmacists bring when negotiating contracts, payment for services, and collaborative relationships.

The network provides a way for community pharmacists to collaborate and advance the pharmacy profession while working at the top of their licenses. CPESN sites offer face-to-face access, medication reconciliation, clinical medication synchronization, immunizations, comprehensive medication reviews, personal medication records, and private counseling areas. As Erin Dalton, a pharmacist at Moose Pharmacy, stated, “We became pharmacists to take care of our patients and this program allows us to do that.” The pharmacists in this program can identify ways to optimize therapy, help patients understand the importance of taking their medications as prescribed, work with patients and other health care professionals to resolve concerns with the patient’s medications, and develop patient-specific care plans to improve patient engagement and overall health. These services help to ensure that a patient’s care is consistent during transitions of care (CPESN Home: CPESN USA).

Student Interviews

Thoughts From Your Peers Who Completed a Rotation at a CPESN Site:

“There is a big difference between CPESN and non-CPESN pharmacies. Obviously, all pharmacists care about patients, but CPESN sites actually work with the patients and their providers to make therapy changes by actively checking a patient’s blood glucose, blood pressure, etc. This allows us to expand our scope of practice and save the patient from making more appointments.” – Nevin Radechel, P4

“There is a definite difference between a CPESN and non-CPESN pharmacy. Being in the CPESN network allows a pharmacist to work at the top of their license and get to know the patients better. Network sites have access to programs, such as MedWise, that offer a whole different perspective of the patient. MedWise looks at all the medications that the patient is taking, what time they take their medication, and which enzymes are being used for metabolism. This allows the pharmacist to analyze the different risks and individualize the plan to the patient and their medications to provide optimal care.” – Justin Klein, P4

“CPESN sites take patient care to the next level and allows us to advocate for our patients. There is a much more personal touch and a wider variety of clinical services to ensure that the patient needs the medication and it is the right medication for them. Participating in a rotation at a CPESN site gave me mentorship that I would not receive elsewhere. The preceptors are very passionate about being preceptors and want to teach you. They cared so much about me as a student and wanted to prepare me for my future as much as they could. If there was an opportunity for me to grow by completing a project or participating in an activity, it was given to me.” – Monica Nikseresht, P4

Advice For Students Completing APPE Preferences:

“CPESN is the direction that pharmacy is headed. The way that their pharmacies operate now may be a non-traditional pharmacy experience, but a few years from now it will be the traditional community pharmacy experience. You are going to need to get on the bandwagon, or you’ll be left at the station. Participating in a CPESN APPE rotation site will allow you to experience this sooner and be prepared for the future of pharmacy.” – Monica Nikseresht

“When selecting APPEs, Look for appointment-based model locations. The pharmacists at these sites are basically non-existent in the dispensing process and have more time to work with the patients and make clinical recommendations. These sites allow flexibility and innovation. If there is something you want to do, you will have the support and resources to expand your scope to focus on what you are passionate about.” – Nevin Radechel

Has your experience working with a CPESN network pharmacy changed your goals for your future as a  newly graduated pharmacist?

“Not only did it change my plans, but it also made my goals for the future. I always thought that I would want to do hospital pharmacy, but participation in CPESN pharmacies made me realize that I can use my clinical knowledge more in a community setting than I would in a hospital. I want to push community pharmacy towards the appointment-based model and inspire the next generation to see the benefits of CPESN community pharmacy and how they can get involved.” – Nevin Radechel

“I knew that I wanted to work in community pharmacy but completing a rotation at a CPESN site showed me there is a night and day difference between community pharmacies. Now, I know that I want to be a community pharmacist at a CPESN pharmacy where I can focus on the patients and the care I am providing.” – Justin Klein

“With my family owning pharmacies, I have spent my whole life in community pharmacy. It was never my plan to go back home to the pharmacies, but my work and APPE experiences with CPESN pharmacies gave me my ‘aha moment’ and made me realize that I could make it happen for my hometown. CPESN networks give pharmacies a platform and a voice to stand up to the insurance and show the value we are providing to patients. My goal upon graduation will be to get the pharmacies back home to be CPESN pharmacies.” – Monica Nikseresht

Opportunities For You to Experience the CPESN Pharmacy Difference

Drake has established and offers numerous IPPE and APPE rotations at CPESN sites in Iowa. Here is a list of participating sites for you to complete your rotation and experience the CPESN pharmacy difference first-hand:



Brehme Drug


Clinic Pharmacy-Boone


Daniel Pharmacy

Fort Dodge

Donlon Pharmacy


Drilling Pharmacy

Sioux City

Eagle Grove Pharmacy, Inc

Eagle Grove

Evans Crossing Pharmacy


Greenwood Drug


Hy-Vee Pharmacy #1151

Des Moines

Main at Locust Pharmacy and Medical Supplies


Medical Associates Pharmacy


Medicap Pharmacy #8019


Medicap Pharmacy #8003


Medicap Pharmacy #8011

Des Moines

Medicap Pharmacy #8015


Medicap Pharmacy #8036


Medicap Pharmacy #8043


Medicap Pharmacy #8051


Medicap Pharmacy #8052

Des Moines

Medicap Pharmacy #8057


Medicap Pharmacy #8095


Medicap Pharmacy #8211


Medicap Pharmacy #8230


Medicap Pharmacy #8240


Medicap Pharmacy #8247


Medicap Pharmacy #8256


Medicap Pharmacy #8318


Medicap Pharmacy #8347

Des Moines

Medicap Pharmacy #8008


Mercy One Dubuque LTC


MercyOne Dubuque East Pharmacy


MercyOne Dubuque Elm Pharmacy


MercyOne Dubuque Medical Center Pharmacy


MercyOne Dubuque West Pharmacy


Meyer Pharmacy


Montross Pharmacy - Winterset


Nucara Pharmacy #100


NuCara Pharmacy #16


NuCara Pharmacy #2


NuCara Pharmacy #27

Pleasant Hill

NuCara Pharmacy #28


NuCara Pharmacy #7


NuCara Pharmacy #9


Osterhaus Pharmacy


Reinbeck Pharmacy


Rex Pharmacy


Scott Pharmacy


Wagner Pharmacy


Washington County Hospital Beans Pharmacy


Wright Pharmacy


These are the sites available in Iowa, but CPESN is a national organization with 45 participating states, so check to see if the pharmacy in your hometown is in the network!