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Tyler Healthcare Center Pharmacy: Part 3

April Hanson, PharmD
Director of Pharmacy
Tyler Healthcare Center
Tyler, MN

In 2006, the Tyler Healthcare Center pharmacy department is staffed 40-50 hours per week with a pharmacist. Current pharmacy services include anticoagulation monitoring, medication review for clinic patients, chemotherapy preparation, pharmacokinetic dosing recommendations and available onsite pharmacist consultation with providers. THC has hosted and will continue to host 4th year pharmacy students from the University of Minnesota and South Dakota State University. The pharmacy students have helped to enhance relationships with other healthcare professionals, including assisting with flu vaccination clinics, providing educational sessions for nursing departments and following physicians on patient rounds.

Since the completion of my residency, I have remained on staff at THC as the head pharmacist. Through collaborative efforts of the health professionals and administration, Tyler Healthcare Center has implemented a pharmacy computer system and Pyxis automated dispensing machine. With this new technology, the pharmacy department will spend more time with clinical duties such as pharmacokinetic monitoring and other medication related consultations both inpatient and through the outpatient clinic settings. In the future, we hope to expand clinical services to offer more medication therapy management services, including diabetes follow-up monitoring.