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Pharmacy Students: Interested in a Unique Summer Internship?

When: Summer 
What: A competitive, paid 8-week pharmacy internship focused on entrepreneurial leadership
Where: Independent and/or chain pharmacy partners around Iowa. Depending on location, housing or transportation stipend may be available.


The Program:

Drake University and the DELTA Rx Institute announce the implementation of a pharmacy internship program
that provides the opportunity for Drake student pharmacists to develop entrepreneurial leadership skills. Student pharmacists will intern with pharmacy partner companies in a 8-week, 40 hours per week internship program. In addition to the pharmacy’s internship training, you and your preceptor will participate in activities led by Drake faculty designed to enhance your entrepreneurial leadership skills.
Entrepreneurial leadership development activities include special projects at the internship site, the Shaping Your Pharmacy Future training program, online discussions, conference calls, and student presentations. Program preceptors will engage in these activities to help students develop their entrepreneurial leadership skills.


Benefits for You:

• Gain exposure to innovative pharmacy settings around the country
• Highlight yourself to companies wanting to hire agents of change
• Gain entrepreneurial leadership training and professional development
• Develop and/or implement new programs with the pharmacy partner
• Partner with Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences to help shape the future of pharmacy practice


Student Eligibility:

• Students must be enrolled in the professional pharmacy program at Drake.
• Preference will be given to students who have are currently in their P1 or P2 year 

*Consideration will also be given to other professional program students who have extensive pharmacy work experience, business course work, or a willingness to schedule rotations around this summer internship.


Applications for Summer 2022 are now open!

Sites for Summer 2022: 

  • Eagle Grove Pharmacy
  • NuCara Pharmacy
  • GRx Holdings
  • Hartig Drug
  • Certintell Telehealth 
  • Walgreens Specialty


Applications materials include: 

The application process has been extended to February 11th. The following in a single PDF document sent to 1) a cover letter and 2) CV

The cover letter should be no more than one page in length and include the following: 

  • A short statement on why you are interested in the internship program and what you hope to achieve in your pharmacy career with your enhanced entrepreneurial leadership skills
  • A short background on your work or educational experiences


For More Information:

Questions regarding this internship program can be directed to the DELTA Rx Institute at

"This internship was the single best pharmacy experience I have had yet. I am already a step ahead of the game after completing this internship. At my site, I was provided ample resources and the freedom to let my imagination loose. From day one I felt accepted as valuable team member and my thoughts and ideas for the growth of the business were taken very seriously. I have never felt this valuable to a company before!" -Katie McDonald, 2009 Intern