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2023 DELTA Rx Summer Interns

Two interns completed the 2023 Summer Internship program with DELTA Rx. These interns were paired with preceptors in the community to complete projects and engage in learning opportunities that promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and the growth of innovative skills in the student pharmacists. Learn more about the unique experiences the students had through this internship and how they will put these skills to use in their future careers: 

This summer, I had the privilege of being a part of the DELTA Rx internship program at GRX Holdings in West Des Moines, Iowa. GRX, founded in 1983 by Drake alum Greg Johansen, encompasses 23 pharmacies, including Midwest Compounding, Medicap Pharmacy LTC, and Wright Pharmacy. While most of my time was spent at the corporate office, I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of pharmacy by visiting community, long-term care, and telehealth locations.

During the internship, I participated in various activities, from attending meetings for potential clinical services to business development, partnership calls, clinical store reviews, pharmacy panels, and more. One of my main projects involved streamlining Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services for Medicap pharmacies in Iowa. Recognizing the importance of offering MTM services, I utilized OutcomesMTM to create educational materials, including a CMR guide, common interventions, and patient tips. This initiative aimed to make it easier for pharmacists to provide additional services, especially in one-pharmacist stores, by having other staff members prep the CMR, saving time for the pharmacist and ensuring it's ready for the patient interview.

The impact of this project extended into the fall, where I continued to assist in preparing CMRs for multiple stores. The summer internship proved to be an invaluable experience, offering a perfect balance of structure and freedom at GRX. The connections made during this time are invaluable, as I've met many great people who continue to guide me in my future career.

Since the internship, I've remained on staff at GRX Holdings and am eagerly planning to continue my work through rotations starting this May. The knowledge gained from this leadership experience is something that cannot be replicated in a classroom setting. It has played a pivotal role in shaping me into the person I am today, propelling me in the direction of pharmacy that I am excited to pursue.

As I continue my journey with GRX Holdings, I am enthusiastic about the continued growth and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on patient care. The dynamic and supportive environment at GRX provides the ideal platform to further explore and contribute to the evolving field of pharmacy. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as I navigate through rotations and continue my professional development in this ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Claire Behymer with GRx Holdings

This summer, I completed my DELTA Rx internship with GRX Holdings. GRX Holdings is comprised of 24 pharmacies in Central Iowa including a compounding and long-term care pharmacy. The GRX Holdings office is located in West Des Moines along with their owner OneroRx, which operates over 64 pharmacies in 6 states across the Midwest. This summer, with the guidance of Megan Meyers, along with the GRX Holdings & OneroRx team, I was able to have insights into many aspects of independent pharmacy. I attended leadership meetings, marketing meetings, clinical store reviews, business development presentations, partnership meetings, and more. I had the opportunity to visit many of the GRX Holdings locations including a telepharmacy and long-term care pharmacy. I had the opportunity to complete this summer internship with my classmate Ryanne Trpkosh.

One of the initiatives of the OneroRx pharmacies during the internship was to increase over-the-counter sales. To work on this initiative, I created handouts for common vitamins and supplements available in GRX Holdings stores for pharmacists and technicians to use. The purpose of these handouts was to increase pharmacists' knowledge about these products to become more comfortable discussing them with patients. In addition to the handouts, I created a drug-induced nutrient deficiency chart. The chart listed a variety of drug classes and common nutrient deficiencies they may cause with recommended vitamin products. This chart recommends BioActive Nutrient products, which is owned by OneroRx.

I had a great experience with Ryanne and the GRX Holdings/OneroRx team. I was able to gain a new perspective on pharmacy practice and management. I met many great individuals that can guide me in my future career. I am grateful to have this experience to expand my knowledge and entrepreneurial skills