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Policy and Procedures Manual

Drake Undergraduate Science Collaborative Institute

Drake University

These policies and procedures were approved by the faculty advisory board of the Drake Undergraduate Science Collaborative Institute on August 5, 2011.


Drake Undergraduate Science Collaborative Institute (DUSCI) was created in April of 2005 with the mission of promoting, supporting and coordinating efforts to fund undergraduate research in math and science. The Institute also served as a platform for interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations among faculty and students in the sciences and mathematics.

In July of 2011, a faculty advisory board was constituted by the director and a new mission statement for DUSCI was adopted. It reads as follows: The Drake Undergraduate Science Collaborative Institute (DUSCI) promotes a culture of scholarship among students and faculty in science and math. Consistent with Drake University's mission, DUSCI actively supports collaborative student/faculty research experiences, strives to increase scientific literacy, and provides opportunities to engage the larger community in science and math.

A. Objectives of the Institute

  1. To define short-term and long-term goals for the sciences and mathematics at Drake University. These goals may include, among others:
    1. developing sustainable funding for the summer research program;
    2. supporting research in science and math by faculty at Drake University;
    3. increasing awareness of and engagement in DUSCI sponsored programs and events;
    4. expanding the program to promote and engage the larger Des Moines community in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education.
  2. To develop procedures for achieving these goals. These procedures may include, among others:
    1. exploring university level support;
    2. identifying barriers to faculty involvement and developing strategies to address these barriers;
    3. providing support for faculty involvement;
    4. fostering relationships with funding agencies and foundations;
    5. developing programs for outreach.

B. Organization

  1. For the purposes of this Manual, “DUSCI faculty” shall be defined as all Drake University faculty who declare themselves to be doing work in the sciences and math who register membership with DUSCI.
  2. Responsibility for defining the mission of DUSCI, establishing and managing its policies and procedures, and providing general oversight and evaluation of the Institute's operations rests in a six-member, elected governing Faculty Advisory Board.
    1. Membership on the Faculty Advisory Board will be broadly representative of science and math disciplines and departments. Members of the Board shall be appointed by the respective Deans of colleges as described. Three members will be appointed from the College of Arts and Sciences: one to represent the life sciences, a second to represent the physical sciences, and a third as an at-large representative. Two members will be appointed from the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences: one to represent the pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences and a second to represent the clinical sciences. One member will be appointed from the College of Education. The terms of the Board members shall be three years and an individual board member can be reappointed for no more than three consecutive three-year terms.
  3. A Director of the Institute serves as chair of the Board, with responsibility for:
    1. providing direction and supervision of the day-to-day management of the Institute;
    2. proposing and implementing plans and programs for achieving the Institute’s goals;
    3. collaborating with faculty and administration to obtain external funding to support undergraduate research programs, including those targeted to underrepresented students;
    4. developing and overseeing initiatives aimed at recruiting faculty and students to undergraduate research activities;
    5. facilitating the development of relationships between DUSCI and the local community;
    6. collaborating with the Office of Sponsored Programs to host workshops for faculty to inform about potential external funding of undergraduate research.
    7. coordinating the efforts of DUSCI with other units on campus as appropriate;
    8. coordinating and planning the Drake University Conference on Undergraduate Research (DUCURS);
    9. monitoring and report on program participation and results.
    10. planning, monitoring and controlling budget and expenditures.
    11. coordinating the Summer Undergraduate Research program.
    12. working with Admissions to present information to prospective students and parents regarding undergraduate research;
    13. working with marketing to develop suitable media, publicity events, and web content.
    14. hiring and supervising an undergraduate student assistant;
    15. assisting with the coordination of the activities of the student advisory board and alumni advisory board;
    16. calling and chairing meetings of the Board;
    17. coordinating the work of the Board subcommittees; and
    18. serving as principal liaison between the Board and the Provost of Drake University.
  4. The qualifications of the Director shall always include:
    1. a record as an excellent teacher and scholar in math or science;
    2. the ability to articulate a vision reflecting the short-term and long-term goals for the sciences and math on Drake’s campus;
    3. a capacity for coordinating the management of activities designed to realize that vision;
    4. excellent interpersonal skills, ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with faculty, administrators and staff in diverse disciplines;
    5. demonstrated problem solving and negotiation skills;
    6. an understanding of how to navigate the university culture/system.
  5. A Co-Director is appointed by the Board in the 2nd semester of the 2nd year of the Director’s service. The Co-Director will serve as the next Director of DUSCI. In making the appointment, the Board shall invite nominations by the math and science faculty and consult with the faculty concerning the qualifications and suitability of the candidates.
  6. Appointment of the Director is for a three-year term, with the possibility that the Director could serve up to three consecutive three-year terms which is to be determined by the Director and Faculty Advisory Board.
  7. The Director will be paid a stipend and granted released time, with the cost of replacement for teaching responsibilities.
  8. Responsibility for day-to-day financial management of the DUSCI budget, including such things as receiving final reports and keeping the books, is assigned to the Assistant to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

C. Operational Guidelines

  1. The operational costs of DUSCI covered by the annual budget are inclusive of the following: travel to related conferences, support for DUSCI sponsored activities and events; printing and marketing of materials associated with the DUSCI’s activities; support of activities that are a part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Program; and funding of DUCURS.
  2. The administrative location of DUSCI is typically the office of the Director, although other space, if available, may be designated.
  3. Routine secretarial services for DUSCI are provided by the administrative assistant of the Biology Department.
  4. The Board establishes and maintains policies and procedures for:
    1. determining programmatic priorities for DUSCI;
    2. reviewing DUSCI-funded activities;
    3. serving on subcommittees as appointed by the Director;
    4. appointing of students to the student advisory board;
    5. submitting and reviewing proposals and awarding summer undergraduate research fellowships;
    6. managing the Institute's budget;
    7. initiating activities consistent with the objectives stated in A, above.

D. Evaluation and Maintenance of the Institute

The operation of DUSCI is evaluated annually. The Director shall submit a report on the activities and budget of DUSCI to the Board. Following approval by the Board, the report will be reviewed by the Deans of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Pharmacy, and Education; and submitted to the Provost of the University.

The Policies and Procedures of DUSCI may be amended in this manner:

  1. Proposals for changes in the policies and procedures may be presented to the Math and Science Faculty by the Board or by a petition signed by 50% of the Faculty.
  2. Ratification of the proposed changes is by majority vote of the Math and Science Faculty
  3. Approval of the amendments by the Provost of the University.
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