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Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology (BCMB)

LaRhee Henderson

I am part of a team involved in studying molecular and physiological effects of hemorrhagic trauma. It is a collaborative project with Iowa Methodist Medical Center and forms the basis of Drake's NASA base program. We examine physiological parameters during hypotensive resuscitation protocol following hemorrhage. We hope to characterize indicators of the severity of the trauma and find new approaches to its treatment, especially for individuals in remote locations. We present our results regularly at regional and international meetings and publish our results in peer-reviewed journals.

My second area of interest is science education. We've developed new models for teaching research, for undergraduate majors programs, for teaching general education science classes, and for professional development models for practicing teachers. The key feature that unites them is the development of communities of learners across disciplinary boundaries. We've published several articles on these topics, have received national recognition for our courses, and been supported by external grants.

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