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Annual Laboratory Safety Training

This training includes Chemical Hazards and Protective Measures as well as Emergency Preparedness sand Response.  You will need to complete this training once per Academic Year while you are at Drake University.  This training is required for all students enrolled in laboratory classes or working in laboratories and clinical areas. It must be completed initially before laboratory work begins and thereafter on an annual schedule.


Once this course has been passed, participants must maintain a record of completion in their laboratories and/or with their laboratory instructors.

Begin Annual Lab Safety Training


Drake Public Safety
     emergency 811

Drake Public Safety, 
    non-emergency - 515-271-2222

- Des Moines police, fire, ambulance,
     emergency - 911
-  Des Moines police,
     non-emergency 9-283-4811
- American Republic Student 
  Health Center  
- Employee Assistance Program
Title IX

(These contacts are all relative to being dialed on campus)


Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures Manual