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Zoo and Conservation Science

Program Overview

This interdisciplinary major prepares students in a liberal arts tradition for entry level positions leading to leadership positions in zoos and conservation organizations. Coursework in this program is strongly interdisciplinary, drawing upon biology, psychology, and environmental science classes. Students develop technical and quantitative skills including laboratory and field methods, statistical analysis, and professional communication. Hands-on experience is a key component of this program which includes two (2) internship placements. This provides real-world experience in zoo and conservation settings and connects students with ongoing projects at the Blank Park Zoo and the Ape Cognition and Conservation Initiative, both of which are Drake partners located in Des Moines.

Drake’s Zoo and Conservation Science major is distinguished by its fundamental interdisciplinary, emphasis on field experiences, opportunities for research and independent study, and service learning approach in the internship placements. Graduates of the program will be well prepared to work in the areas of animal behavior, wildlife rehabilitation, and animal conservation, or to pursue graduate study in diverse fields of zoological and environmental sciences.


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