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Complete Withdrawal from a Semester & Impact on Financial Aid

Financial aid eligibility is based on a student’s enrollment status after a semester’s applicable add/drop deadline (this is the deadline for students to drop from a course without a W grade). You can view the University’s Add and Drop Deadlines here. If a student adjusts their enrollment after the add/drop deadline (for example, during the “drop-with-W period”), it usually does not result in a financial aid or billing adjustment.

However, when a student is dropped from all of a semester’s courses or is not attending any class during a period of scheduled enrollment*, it may be considered a Complete Withdrawal. In those cases, tuition charges and financial aid eligibility may be reduced (prorated), depending on the effective date of the Complete Withdrawal. Drake’s Tuition Refund Policy is outlined here. The rules for prorating financial aid eligibility vary based on the source of the financial aid, as outlined below:

Funds from Drake University or Iowa College Aid or Health Professions Loans

Funds from Federal Student Aid and Army Tuition Assistance

Funds from Other Sources

Procedures for officially withdrawing from Drake University can be found here.

*Scheduled enrollment means the period of time on which any offered financial aid was based. 

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