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Postgraduate Opportunities

There are countless ways that you can spend time abroad following your graduation.

Explore the various opportunities below and discover how you can remain globally engaged beyond graduation.  

*Besides Working Worldwide, Drake University is not affiliated with the organizations and programs listed below. While we have attempted to include only legitimate organizations, Drake cannot guarantee each organizations’ quality and encourages potential applicants to verify information directly with the program providers before pursuing further.

Teaching Abroad

Your students will range from Japanese government officials to Chilean high-schoolers and anything in between. For English teaching programs, students in any major can apply provided you have native level English fluency. Subject-specific programs, such as the Peace Corps, usually require experience or a degree in the subject you wish to teach.  

  • Working Worldwide is a Drake-sponsored program that allows graduates to work at a partner organization in China or Kosovo. All placements in China are teaching positions, located in middle schools or universities.  Kosovo placements are currently only for non-teaching work positions. The Working Worldwide China program includes a 120-hour TEFL training and a cultural and language orientation. All positions are paid and last around 10-12 months.  
  • The Fulbright U.S. Student Scholarship Program provides grants for teaching, research, and study in over 140 countries around the world. If interested, complete this Google Form or contact Shelley Fairbairn for more information.
  • The JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Program is administered by the Japanese government and gives American college graduates the opportunity to go to Japan on a teaching exchange. During the exchange you may work as either an Assistant Language Teacher, or Coordinator of International Relations. No Japanese ability is required for the teaching. The coordinator position, however, requires advanced Japanese skills. Participants are provided airfare, insurance, and a salary. Any major can apply, and no teaching experience is necessary.

Working Abroad

Work opportunities can range from international relations positions in Kosovo to business development work in Brazil. The organizations listed below provide assistance in locating an international job and acquiring a visa.   

  • Working Worldwide is a Drake-sponsored program that allows graduates to work at a partner organization in China or Kosovo. While all placements in China are teaching positions, positions in Kosovo can vary across career fields, including marketing, public relations, and data analytics, to name a few. Positions are based on each partner organization’s needs and the applicant’s interest and expertise. All positions are paid and last 10-12 months.   
  • Improve your resume and get interview tips from Drake Professional & Career Development Services. Set up an appointment or attend a re-entry workshop to see what resources are available for you to make the most out of your experience or go abroad again!  
  • The Peace Corps is a unique program funded by the US government to promote cross-cultural understanding. American citizens are invited to a foreign country to work in anything from education, information technology, agriculture, or business. You are compensated at the local level during your assignment, and you get a re-adjustment bonus upon your return to the States.  
  • BUNAC offers several options for students wanting to work abroad. These are usually short term or summer programs, great for students who want a short jaunt abroad.   

Volunteering Abroad

Volunteer assignments range from 1 to 15 weeks and the nature of the assignment can be anything from coaching to women's empowerment to environmental tourism.  

Graduate Learning and Research Abroad

Consider earning your graduate degree or furthering your professional studies overseas! 

  • Start by researching determining which universities overseas would be a good fit for your academic, personal, and professional goals.  You can also reference this article for a number of things to consider when narrowing down the list of international schools, or this website to review 2020 rankings of domestic and international universities. University ranking should just be one consideration, along with the language of course instruction, the cost of the program, and evaluating the location abroad to see if it could be a good personal fit and offer professional connections.  
  • There are several scholarships and fellowships that will fund your graduate studies or a portion of your research abroad:  
    • Rhodes Scholarship: Selected applicants are awarded full financial support to pursue a degree or degrees at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom 
    • Marshall Scholarship: Awardees receive financial support for the study of a degree in the United Kingdom  
    • Mitchell Scholarship: Scholars are awarded one year of postgraduate study in any discipline offered by institutions of higher learning in Ireland and Northern Ireland.  
    • Truman Scholarship: Selected applicants are supported with graduate school financial assistance to promote outstanding young people committed to public service leadership.  
    • Boren Fellowship: Funding available for study abroad (undergraduate) and research and language proposals (graduate) in world regions critical to U.S. interests.  
  • There are several organizations that assist students with finding postgraduate study opportunities in Europe: 
  • Erasmus Mundus can help you find a program of study within the European Union  
  • Postgraduate Studentship and the British Council assist students in finding all types of programs in the UK  
  • German Academic Exchange Service offers graduate and undergraduate opportunities and internships.
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