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Working Worldwide

Drake University's Working Worldwide program offers recent graduates the opportunity to live and work abroad for a year.

The program is designed to respond to each participant by offering unique work placements based on participants' interests and expertise. With partners in two exciting countries, China and Kosovo, Working Worldwide is sure to offer you the opportunity to expand your horizons and gain the skills to become a competitive professional in today's interconnected world. 

To learn more about the program, we encourage you to explore each of our country placement pages (China and Kosovo). 

For information about the application process and materials needed, please see the How to Apply page. 

Questions? Please reach out to

Apply Here

Working Worldwide Alumni Spotlight:

Cade Martin, a 2019-20 Working Worldwide Kosovo participant who worked at the Kosovo Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (KRCT), shares his experiences living and working in Kosovo:

"Living and working in Kosovo for the past year was an incredible opportunity. Reflecting back on my experience now I feel especially thankful for the chance to learn from the diverse perspectives and experiences of my coworkers and friends in the country. Kosovo is a complicated place. It’s a young country with a rich history that continues to undergo major societal developments—this unique combination made it an especially rewarding place to be able to contribute to a local organization. 

Kosovo is an extraordinary country in which to live and work, and if you’re looking for the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the Balkans and of intercultural relations, Working Worldwide might be perfect for you!"

Working Worldwide Kosovo participant (third from left) out for coffee with his colleagues

Cade Martin (pictured third from the left), a 2019-20 Working Worldwide Kosovo participant, enjoys coffee with his colleagues from the Kosovo Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (KRCT). 



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