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Global Perspective

Building a global perspective through activities, learning opportunities, and student development.

A global perspective or global mindset enables individuals to see beyond their own exposure and experience, shifting their lens to be more inclusive of the perspectives of others. In order to achieve this, we focus on the mobility of minds, engaging students in examining other cultures and worldviews, and giving them exposure to experience with the world in a variety of forms. This helps in building a sense of interconnectedness, enhancing our ability to come together in community to overcome challenges, innovate, and ultimately create a better world.

Centers and Institutes

Rich co-curricular activities and learning opportunities are vital to students’ development, and Drake is home to several centers and institutes that provide those experiences. Through events, academics, resources, and special programs, these organizations play a critical role in bringing the world to campus.

Global Curriculum

Drake offers a variety of academic majors, minors, and concentrations related to international topics. These programs provide a global curriculum that prepares students for a breadth of careers while deeply instilling the value of responsible global citizenship.

Global Leaders Corps

The Global Leaders Corps is a cohort program designed for Drake students with a passion for global experiences, issues, and leadership. The program will immerse students in unique global opportunities on campus and beyond, including a semester abroad, assisting with international events, and engaging with a peer group of like-minded and motivated leaders. Each GLC cohort is comprised of a select group of incoming first-year students with a commitment to the development of a global and intercultural skillset and mindset in support of responsible global citizenship. 


Terry Branstad, former U.S. Ambassador to China and Governor of Iowa, is the Ambassador-in-Residence at Drake University. Branstad is available to meet with Drake students, faculty, staff and clubs and will participate with lectures in a variety of classes each semester. In addition, the ambassador will host an annual symposium on U.S. relations with China, where he will bring high ranking government officials and thought leaders to campus.

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