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Like when you applied to be a student at Drake University, there are forms involved with applying to study abroad!

For students who are thinking about studying abroad, take a look at our Study Abroad Checklist by topic area (application process, finances, etc.) or by timeline (12 months before departure until you return home). Reviewing these checklists are a good starting point, and also help illustrate processes that you will need to complete throughout the application timeline. 

For students who are participating in an Exchange or Affiliate program, you will want to get your courses pre-approved to transfer credit back to Drake. You can use the Course Approval Form when meeting with your Academic Advisor(s). 

Most other Drake program forms will be found and completed within your online application. The forms in your online application can be filled in or digitally signed, and remain at your disposal throughout your international experience. For students participating in an Exchange or Affiliate program, you will also upload a digital copy of your completed Course Approval Form to your online application.