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Identity Abroad

At Drake Global Engagement, we are committed to promoting diversity in our programs and among our participants. We'll help you find the program that's best for you. 

Every person should have access to study abroad. You might face challenges and barriers related to studying abroad, but we’ll do our best to reduce or eliminate those barriers. Personal identity is often an area of exploration throughout a student's higher education experience. As such, our office believes it’s important to think about your identity before you travel, both for selecting the best academic program for you, and also in preparation for your time living abroad. To maximize your time abroad, consider the culture and customs of the location you plan to visit, as well as how the beliefs and behaviors of that culture might impact your personal experiences.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • How does my identity impact how I might be perceived in other cultures?
  • How am I perceived at Drake and how could that change abroad?
  • What resources will I need to be successful abroad and what resources are available in the host country I will be visiting?


Plan Ahead

As you get ready to go abroad, think about your own identity and how you’ll interact with your host culture. Your identity will shape not only how you view your host culture, but how others in that culture view you. While this can be challenging, it can also be an opportunity to think about your identity in a new way. Please know that our office is here to share resources, and to meet with you one-on-one to discuss any thoughts or concerns you might have about your identity abroad.