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Students with Disabilities Abroad

Having a disability - whether visible or invisible - is a challenge, but that shouldn't stop you from studying abroad. 

Drake Global Engagement, along with Drake Access and Success, can help you prepare for a study abroad experience. There are more and more programs offering accommodations for students with disabilities. We’ll do our best to work with you to help remove any barriers that might prevent you from studying abroad.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Are my medications legal in my host country and other countries I may be traveling in or through?
  • Are the same accommodations I receive at Drake available to me abroad?
  • Will I have the same access to physical or mental health services abroad?
  • How can I contact disability services in my host country?
  • If I need a service animal with me, what are the regulations for doing so?
  • What mobile apps or other tools that could help me abroad?


Plan Ahead

  • Discuss with the Disability Services Office and the Drake Global Engagement Office what your needs are ahead of time.
  • Do research about how your disability might influence your experience. What resources will your host country have and what might you need to prepare for ahead of time?