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Charles Nelson Award recognizes outstanding academic accomplishment and intellectual curiosity among first-year students in the subject of History.

Charles Ritchey Award recognizes outstanding research and composition in a History research paper.

The Engaged Student Award recognizes outstanding leadership and department engagement among students majoring in History.

Frances Rogers Award recognizes outstanding academic accomplishments and intellectual curiosity in the subject of Women’s History.

Keach Johnson Award recognizes of outstanding academic accomplishment and intellectual curiosity among senior students majoring in History.

2017-2018 Award Winners

Charles Nelson Award
Mallory McQueen displays the well-developed analytical writing skills and intellectual curiosity that the Charles Nelson Award recognizes in a first-year student.
Frances Rogers Award
Ellie Seward's work in my course on Women and Gender in Early America consistently demonstrated the intellectual curiosity, critical analysis, and thoughtful writing about gendered experience that the Frances Rogers Award recognizes.
Engaged Student Award
The Department of History is pleased to recognize the collaborative efforts of Alexis Cruz and Ashley Nutt with the Engaged Student Award; their joint efforts to rekindle Phi Alpha Theta, the history honors society, have enriched our students' community and will benefit many students in the years to come.
Charles Ritchey Award
Grace Peterson's capstone paper on the Eisenhower administration's response to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 reflected the outstanding research and writing that the Charles Ritchey Award recognizes; Grace is exploring careers in historical preservation and archival work.
Keach Johnson Award
The Department of History is pleased to recognize Penelope Hayek with the Keach Johnson Award for her outstanding work in a range of history courses over the past four years, especially the study of East Asian history; she will be teaching English in China next year and intends to pursue graduate work in Asian history upon returning to the US.

2016-2017 Award Winners

Charles Nelson Award - Michael O'Sullivan & Kaley Wresch
Engaged Citizen Award - Kayla Schween
Keach Johnson Award - Ryan Wiskerchen
Frances Rogers Award - Emily Bowman
Charles Ritchey Award - Nolan Bursch

2015-2016 Award Winners

Charles Nelson Award–Alexis Cruz
Charles Ritchey Award–Kayla Schween
Engaged Student Award–Sarah Fulton
Frances Rogers Award–Sierra Waddell
Keach Johnson Award–Hannah Howard

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