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Major & Minor

The Department offers a major and a minor in History. Both provide students with instruction in the skills of historical literacy.

These skills help students to fulfill Drake’s mission of producing engaged global citizens but also provide students the training they need for graduate school and productive employment in a broad range of careers. The department, as a means of fostering interdisciplinary studies, also offers the 27+12 option which allows history majors to combine classes from a single related major with their History major.

27+12 History Double Major Option

For the regular History major, students need 39 credit hours in history to graduate. However, students who want to double major may apply up to 12 credit hours from a second major toward their History major. In the 27+12 track, students are required to take a minimum of 27 credit hours in history and 12 credit hours in a single related major. Approved disciplines for the double major include: Politics, International Relations, Law, Politics and Society, Philosophy and Religion, English, Culture and Society, Economics, Art History, Journalism, and Education. Students should consult with their advisors to determine other disciplines that may qualify. For example, students with majors in Biology, Psychology, and Environmental Science and Policy have also designed interdisciplinary double majors in History with their advisor’s approval. Courses from the related field should be numbered 100-level or above.

Current Catalog requirements for History major & minor
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