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Recent and Current Funded Projects

The Center is delighted to feature the following projects. Please follow the links below to learn more.

Research support, including travel, course reassignments, materials, and services:

  • Sandra Patton-Imani (Culture and Society), research support for the book Queering Family Trees: Race, Reproductive Justice, and Lesbian Motherhood.
  • Jody Swilky (English), travel to participate as a featured speaker at a workshop sponsored by the National Humanities Alliance.
  • Daria Trentini (Culture and Society), course reassignments and travel support for research in Mozambique.
  • Lisa West (English), travel to Philadelphia for research.

Humanities Research Scholar awards:

  • Lisa West (English), 2020–2023 Humanities Research Scholar, support for a book project on early American representations of domestice violence and abusive marriages. (Updates forthcoming!)
  • Eric Saylor (Music), 2018–2021 Humanities Research Scholar, research support for a forthcoming book Ralph Vaughan Williams with Oxford's Master Musicians series.
  • Ben Gardner (Art and Design), 2017–2020 Humanities Research Scholar, support for the production of the interactive book and video project The Cabin.
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