Center for the Humanities

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Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors are elected by the faculty of humanities to three-year terms. To ensure continuity of governance, each year, two members are replaced. No more than two representatives may belong to a single department or program. 

Current Board of Directors

Name Department
Term End Date
Gesine Gerhard Dean of College of Arts & Sciences ex-officio
Daria Trentini Study of Culture and Society Spring 2022
Will Garriott Law, Politics and Society Spring 2022
Chinatsu Sazawa Bachmann World Languages & Cultures Spring 2023
Arturo Marquez, Jr. Culture & Society Spring 2023
Ben Gardner  Art & Design Spring 2024
Felicia Jamison  History Spring 2024

The Board will hold solicit nominations in March 2022 to fill two open spots for the Fall 2022-Spring 2025 term.

Previous Members of the Board of Directors include:

Daniel Alexander Mathematics and Computer Science
Natalie Bayer History
Megan Brown English
Curt Cardwell  History
Renee Cramer Law, Politics, and Society
Joan Faber McAlister Rhetoric
Michael Haedicke Study of Culture and Society
Jennifer Harvey Philosophy/Religion
Nathaniel Holdren Law, Politics and Society
Leah Kalmanson Philsophy/Religion
Tim Knepper Philosophy/Religion
Kevin Lam Education
Karen Leroux History
Amy Letter English
En Li History
Maura Lyons Art and Design
Amahia Mallea History
Inbal Mazar World Language and Culture
Mary McCarthy Politics and International Relations
Martin Roth Philosophy/Religion
Eric Saylor Music
Carol Spaudling-Kruse English


Faculty & Staff

All Drake faculty whose work as teachers, scholars, or in academic service involves humanistic inquiry may join the Humanities Center. We welcome those whose work has not traditionally been considered within "the humanities" but who are pursuing connections and consequences of humanistic concern. To join, simply email the director. You will be placed on our email list, and be invited to apply for opportunities and participate in events as they arise.

All members of the Humanities Center Faculty are eligible to propose projects for Center underwriting or to request support for their own research and teaching activities. (However only those on continuing appointment may request funding for future years, or that spans fiscal years).

Associate and Full Professors and Assistant Professors eligible for promotion who are members of the Humanities Center Faculty, may serve on the Board of Directors, and are eligible to take part in elections and deliberations on Center policy and amendments to the Charter.

Associate and Full Professors are eligible to serve in the role of Director of the Center. The current Director of the Humanities Center is Amy Letter.

The Center for the Humanities is staffed by members of the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and of the home department of the current Director. Staff members are responsible for managing budget, disbursals, and acquisitions and advising on day-to-day administrative matters related to the operation of the Center.

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