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Humanities Leadership Grants

The Humanities Leadership Grants offset the costs associated with travel to a regional, national, or international conference, convention, or other academic meeting to a Drake tenured or tenure-track faculty member.

These grants are meant to encourage Drake faculty to serve in leadership roles in academic regional, national, and international organizations and associations dedicated to humanistic inquiry.

“Leadership role,” in this context, means that the applicant has been appointed or elected to administer some vital function of the organization, and that the appointment or election results from the applicant’s particular qualification as a humanities teacher or researcher. It also includes the presentation of a keynote address, acceptance of a major honor or award, and the like. It excludes membership as one of a number of members on a steering committee or delegation and positions serving primarily operational functions. 


While there is no formal deadline for submission, applicants should allow six weeks for the board to deliberate on requests.

Leadership Grants

Leadership Grants underwrite the costs of travel, lodging, and per diem, up to a total grant of $1,000, for the purposes outlined above when the proposed travel is not supported by College of Arts and Sciences funding or University funding.



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