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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Board meet?

The Board of the Center for the Humanities meets monthly in the fall and spring terms. To ensure consideration at any given meeting, applications must be submitted one week in advance of the meeting date. Visit the webpages for specific grants to find dates and deadlines for upcoming terms.

Does the Center fund conference travel?

In general, the Center does not provide funding for conference travel. The standard Travel Grants are for research-related activities, including archival research, site visits, and conducting interviews. The only exceptions include the Supplemental International Conference Travel Grant, which may be paired with another source of university funding, including Arts and Sciences travel grants and awards from Drake International, to supplement the cost of attending an international conference; and the Sabbatical Support Program available to faculty during their sabbatical year, which can be applied toward a variety of research activities including conference travel.

Can funding be applied for retroactively?

In general, requests for retroactive funding will not be considered. However, in the highly unusual situation that an expense arises and must be paid before the deadline for one of the monthly meetings, faculty may inquire with the Director regarding extenuating circumstances.

What about projects that are initiated over the summer, or in between Board meetings?

All efforts should be made to apply for funding in advance of any projects. However, faculty may request up to $500 from the Director's discretionary budget for expenses that arise during the summer and must be paid before the deadline for the first meeting of the fall term.


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