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Sabbatical Support Program

The Center provides each declared member of the Humanities Center Faculty conducting research or creative activity in the humanities a variety of services and resources (up to a total cost of $1500) while he or she is on sabbatical leave.

Note: Assistant Professors taking a pre-promotion "split" sabbatical should also see Pre-Promotion Grants.


  • August 31 (fiscal year 19 proposals to be used before July 1 2019)
  • November 16 (fiscal year 19 proposals only to be used before July 1 2019)
  • March 8 (if/for remaining funds in fiscal year 19 to be used before July 1 2019 and fiscal year 2020 to be used after July 1 2019)
  • April 19 (if/for remaining funds in fiscal year 19 and fiscal year 20)

Available Resources

  • Library privileges at the University of Iowa (available through an arrangement with the Center for Advanced Studies, a scholarly facility maintained on the Oakdale Campus of the University of Iowa).
  • A work-study student employed as a research assistant. The Center will support forty (40) hours of work at the rate approved by the Office of Professional and Career Development Services for the level of assistance required. The faculty member also may apply for additional assistance, if it will be applied to a specific and extensive project and if funds are available.
  • Travel, lodging, and per diem support for attending one conference, in addition to those supported by College or School resources, or for conducting research.

Additional Information

The Board will, as occasion demands, consider requests for a slightly higher level of support. The Board also reserves the right to adjust the maximum amount of support available to individual faculty members, without prior announcement, in response to the number of requests received.

Faculty who elect to "split" their sabbatical between two academic years in a seven-year period may apply for this support only once.

Applicants should apply for access to these resources by sending a request, along with a copy of their application for sabbatical leave, to

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