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Summer in France Apply

Learn about the application process and policies for the Summer in France program.

Program Dates

Estimated dates for the Summer 2024 program will be May 20-June 25, 2024.


To apply for the 2024 Summer in France program, complete the online application here.


The Summer in France program is limited to 25 students. Any student in good standing attending an ABA-accredited law school who has completed one year of full- or part-time law study is eligible to enroll.

There are no prerequisites for any of the courses in this program. Qualified students will be admitted on a first come, first served basis.

Financial Requirements

For more information, visit Summer in France Costs & Scholarships.

Grade Point Requirements

To be accepted into the Summer in France program, a student must have a cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.25 at the time of registration.

Any student who is accepted but is academically dismissed once grades have been reported for the Spring Semester will be withdrawn from the program, even if the program has already started. Tuition money will be refunded, but the school will not be responsible for any other costs that might be incurred. Refunds will be made pursuant to the Summer in France Cancellation, Withdrawal, and Refund Policy.

Requirements for Non-Drake Students

An applicant from a law school other than Drake University must submit a written statement from the Dean or other appropriate official of his or her law school, certifying that the applicant is in good academic standing and is not on probation for disciplinary or other reasons.

The statement should also indicate that the applicant's law school will accept the credit earned from the Summer in France program. The application will not be processed until this statement is received.

The American Bar Association has approved the Summer in France program, and the program is offered as part of the fully accredited Drake Law School curriculum. Students' home law schools, however, must determine whether to accept any credit or grade for courses taken in the program.

The applicant is responsible for arranging to receive academic credit from his or her law school for successful completion of the program.

For questions, contact Ellen Yee, Director of International Programs, at 515-271-1914 or

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