MS in Leadership Development

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At the heart of the Drake University’s Masters of Science in Leadership Development degree program lies the fundamental understanding that people represent the most invaluable resource within any organization or society. Emerging and aspiring leaders from any industry will gain a comprehensive understanding of how effective leadership, grounded in strong values, can unlock the full potential of individuals and foster a sense of purpose and empowerment within teams and communities.

The Leadership Development Master's is a transformative educational experience that revolves around the core belief that leadership is founded on strong values, which can pave the way for positive organizational and societal transformations. Through a carefully designed set of courses, students in Drake's Leadership Development Master's will be immersed in a journey of self-discovery, gaining insights into the significance of personal values and their connection to one's authentic self. Throughout the program, participants will also explore the power of collective values within groups, discovering how aligning with shared principles can foster support and collaboration among team members. Additionally, students will delve into the dimensions of community values, recognizing the profound impact of working together to drive meaningful change that leads to a better world for all.

Graduates of this program will be prepared to lead with compassion, integrity, and a profound sense of responsibility, making a lasting impact on the world around them. 


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Marsha Aldridge

“The MSLD program had an impact on the quality of my work in my current position. It has brought new ideas, perspectives, and relationships that were a tremendous value both professionally and personally.”

—Marsha Aldridge, GR’17, Vice President of Talent and Engagement at IMT Insurance

Marsha Aldridge works as the Vice President of Talent and Engagement at IMT Insurance. She completed her Drake Master of Science and Leadership Development in 2017 and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Education from Drake University.


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