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The Law, Politics, and Society Program (LPS) at Drake University is the premier undergraduate legal studies program in the Midwest. It exemplifies a Drake education through its integration of liberal arts and professional preparation. The faculty come from different disciplines but share a commitment to excellence in sociolegal studies.

Students enjoy an unparalleled learning environment. Classes are small and discussion-based. They cover topics that include constitutional law, criminal justice, environmental law, immigration, and more.

Outside of class, LPS students are highly engaged. They participate in student organizations like Mock Trial and student government. They are leaders in cultural organizations like La Fuerza Latina and Coalition of Black Students. They also take advantage of the many professional opportunities Des Moines has to offer, from internships at law firms to leadership roles in political campaigns.

Many of our students go on to law school. They benefit from the law-focused curriculum and resources such as the Pre-law Fraternity, a dedicated Pre-law Advisor, LSAT Prep Courses, the 3+3 program, and faculty with years of experience mentoring students into legal careers.

You can also find LPS graduates in government, politics, business, the nonprofit sector, and social services. They pursue graduate education in public policy, public administration, legal studies, theology, and more.

Please look around our website, Drake University's Course Catalog, or contact us to learn more!


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