Master of Science in Teaching

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The MST degree program is designed for individuals who hold undergraduate degrees in a field outside of education, but would like to obtain teaching certification at the elementary level (K-6). 

Pre-professional classes

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EDUC 203 Foundations of Education* 3 credit hours
EDUC 208 Student Development and Learning Theory 3 credit hours
EDUC 211 Educational Planning and Assessment 3 credit hours
SPED 220 Introduction to Special Education 3 credit hours
EDUC 261 Educational Technology 3 credit hours
EDUC 264 Perspectives in Race, Gender 3 credit hours
EDUC 213 Arts Integration in Education 3 credit hours

*40 hours practicum

General Education courses in Math, History, Behavioral Science, and Science must be taken or transferred in from an undergraduate degree program.

Method courses

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EDUC 222 Curriculum and Pedagogy** 3 credit hours
EDUC 237 Teaching Reading in the Elementary Classroom** 3 credit hours
EDUC 223 Physical Education and Health in the Elementary School 3 credit hours
EDUC 224 Children’s Literature 3 credit hours
EDUC 225 Methods of Teaching Elementary Science** 3 credit hours
EDUC 226 Methods of Teaching Elementary Math** 3 credit hours
EDUC 228 Methods of Teaching Elementary Social Studies** 3 credit hours
EDUC 239 Teaching Communicative Arts in the Elementary Classroom** 3 credit hours
EDUC 265 Instruction and Management Elementary Education 1 credit hour
EDUC 266 Student Teaching Elementary Education 8 credit hours
EDUC 269 ePortfolio Seminar 1 credit hour

**10 hours practicum

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