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Audition Information

In order to be admitted to the Department of Music, and to be considered for scholarship awards as a Music major, Music minor, or non-major participant, we invite all prospective students to audition for Drake Music faculty. 

Audition Days

Click on the date to register

*For the November audition date, auditionees must also register through the Acceptd portal.  See details below.

Individual Online Music Audition Signup

If you are unable to attend one of these audition dates, you may complete your individual online audition by following these two steps:

Step 1:  Complete the Individual Online Music Audition Signup

Step 2:  Upload your submission to the website (for November 12th or Individual auditions ONLY).

Auditions for scholarship consideration should be completed no later than February 18, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact the Drake Music Office at 515-271-3975 or email

Audition Requirements

Required Recommendation Forms

Teacher Recommendation Form

Principal/Counselor Recommendation Form

Acceptd Portal

As our audition process is virtual for November 12th, these applicants must use the Acceptd portal to apply and audition for our department.  There is a $30 fee to use the Acceptd portal. Auditionees will pay $15 of this fee and Drake University will pay the remaining portion for November 12th.  This fee applies whether you are planning a virtual live audition through Audition Room within the Acceptd portal on the November 12th audition date, or you are submitting a recording through Acceptd because you are unavailable for any of those three dates. 

Also, students who are planning to attend a Virtual Audition day may wish to submit an optional preliminary audition in advance of their Virtual Audition Day. This is a great way to get onto our "radar screen," and to begin to connect with your prospective studio teacher. They may opt to provide you with feedback that you can use to refine your audition to a higher level, potentially improving your chances in the acceptance and scholarship process. If you choose to submit a recorded audition, in addition to your virtual audition within Audition Room on November 12th, you would pay an additional $10.  If you are attending a Virtual Audition Day, the recorded audition is not required, and is entirely at your option. 

Whether auditioning on November 12th or individual recording, your audition for the Drake University Department of Music serves both as your audition for entrance to the department (whether as a major, minor, or non-major participant), and as your audition for scholarship awards. We are eager to meet you and to hear your audition, and look forward to our upcoming interactions!


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