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Important Residence Hall Dates

All residence halls CLOSE for the Winter Break on Saturday, December 17, 2022, at 12:00pm-noon  

  • Hall Closing Information and Expectations will be posted at the beginning of December in the halls 
  • Once the halls close, students will not be able to get back into their hall until the hall officially reopens. Students should remember to take important belongings (wallets, purse, checkbook, medications, passports, athletic uniforms/equipment etc.) when they leave.
  • Students who are returning to the same room of assignment for the Spring semester - do not need to completely move out. 
  • Residents will need to return their room key upon their departure of their residence hall for Fall semester. The key return process will be communicated at the beginning of December with the hall closing information. Residents who do not return their room key at hall closing - will be assessed a $50.00 lock change fee and the lock will be changed over the Winter Break
  • All mail/packages will be held during the Winter Break by the service provider that the item was sent through or at the Drake Postal Operations Center. Students will be able to retrieve/receive their mail/packages from the Winter Break upon their return to campus during the Postal Operations service hours

All First-year halls will OPEN for the Spring semester on Saturday, January 21, 2023. at 12:00pm-noon 

The residence hall Important Dates can be found at: 

University Calendar 
University News