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Drake Recreation

Here are some fun updates from Drake Rec!

Past Programs:

Glow Up the Night - The black light dance party was just as great as we imagined. With glow in the dark paint, glow sticks and other fun glow in the dark accessories, it was a night to remember. The combination of HIIT and yoga kept us on our toes!

Belly Dancing - This vibrant and welcoming Belly Dancing class was one for the books. Including sword props, and choreography this class was nothing short of a good time!

Jazz Dance Workshop - The jazz dance workshop was a whirlwind of rhythm and movement. This beat driven class incorporated Jazz, Hip-Hop, and African American dance techniques. Overall, the jazz dance workshop was a dynamic and immersive experience, leaving participants inspired and eager to continue their exploration of this vibrant form of art.  

Coming Up:

Acro Yoga May 3 - Learn to fly in this beginner-friendly introduction to AcroYoga!  AcroYoga combines yoga and acrobatics and involves a base, flyer, and spotter.  You will LITERALLY lift each other up in this playful practice based on trust, communication, and fun!  You don't need to come with a partner to join - you'll work with other people in class!

Yoga programing - A series of yoga classes to help students relax and focus the week before finals. A great time to relieve stress, take a study break, and wind down from a long stressful semester. 


Intramurals have been in full swing this semester, with over 750 participants on 180 teams across 10 sports! We crowned various champions from our basketball leagues to our most recent winners in canoe battleship in the Bell Center Pool. Our teams had the opportunity to take center stage in the Knapp center for their championship games in basketball with champions in our competitive and sorority divisions!

With the fastest growing sport in Pickleball, we saw over 56 teams sign up in our pickleball season with competitive games across 7 divisions with varying skill levels. We have also partnered with the Special Olympics of Iowa and have been hosting indoor soccer for our participants the past few Sunday nights. Teams competed in our indoor soccer leagues, which saw 3 separate champions in our competitive, co-rec, and women’s divisions! We are hosting an upcoming softball tournament on April 14th and our playoffs for our remaining sports of pickleball and bags!

Softball Registration: April 14th – 12p.m. Deadline

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