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First-Year Sendoffs

First-Year Send-offs provide an opportunity for incoming new Drake students and their parents to meet other Drake-bound families from the same city.  It's a great way to find rides home from Drake during the school year, get some of your last minute questions answered, and celebrate your entry into the Bulldog family!

This year's send-off gatherings are happening throughout the country on the dates below:

  • Denver – Sunday, July 22, 3pm
  • Twin Cities – Sunday, July 22, 2pm
  • Kansas City – Sunday, July 22, 3pm
  • Chicago – Sunday, July 29, 2pm
  • St. Louis – Sunday, July 29, 2pm
  • Quad Cities – Sunday, July 29, 2pm
  • Des Moines – Sunday, August 5, 2pm
  • Omaha – Sunday, August 5, 2pm
  • Dallas/Fort Worth – Sunday, August 5, 2pm

Click here to RSVP for a sendoff near you!


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