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Access to Academic Records

Drake University recognizes the importance of and encourages the student-parent relationship throughout the college experience. It is Drake’s philosophy to empower students to take responsibility for their academic success, personal development, and professional accomplishments. Open communications between you and your student is critical. Therefore, it is our goal to inform both you and your student of Drake’s policies and procedures and help you direct your student to appropriate resources to address his or her own concerns.

Students may grant a parent or guardian access to academic information via our Proxy Access system.  Students can set up any combination of the below access options:

  • No Access – Campus Communications Only: Provides access to emails sent from Drake, such as the parent newsletter
  • Student Profile: Provides access to the student’s Profile Page in Self-Service
  • Student Holds: Provides access to information regarding account holds
  • Financial Aid Status: Provides access to financial aid package and information
  • Student Grades: Provides access to a course list and midterm and final grades
  • Tax Notification 1098T: Provides access to a copy of their 1098T

Students can grant parents/guardians access by following the instructions in Authorizing Proxy Access (How-to). Once they authorize your access, you will receive emails with further instructions. See Setting Up a Proxy Access Account (How-to) for details.

Your access to academic and financial aid information (Self Service) is separate from access to view your students account balance or make payments (Touchnet). See Logging into Touchnet as an Authorized Parent/Guardian User (How-to) for more information.

Given our philosophy of empowering students to take responsibility of their college experience, providing access to academic and financial aid information via Proxy Access is our preferred method of granting access.  However, you may submit proof that the student is a dependant for tax purposes.  Proof is considered to be a copy of the most recent year’s federal tax form showing that you claim your student as a dependent. This form should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Access will then be created for you, and your student will be notified that access has been given.  A new request will need to be submitted annually to maintain access.  We encourage you to discuss with your student whether this is a good choice for your family.

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