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Religious Studies At Drake

The study of religion at Drake University involves the analysis of sacred traditions, theological and ethical reasoning, the breadth of religious thinking and practice, and the meaning of the religious quest for a comprehensive understanding of reality.

Topics of courses include World Religions, Theology, Ethics, Biblical Studies, Apocalyptic Movements, Comparative Religions, None-Western Religions, Race and Religion and more.

Philosophy At Drake

The study of philosophy develops a student’s understanding of the presuppositions underlying the main areas of human inquiry, an awareness of the range of reasonable answers to the ultimate questions individuals ask themselves, and a habit of critical reflection concerning the student’s own convictions about belief and conduct. The major is designed to permit broad interdepartmental studies and interdisciplinary synthesis.

In addition to introductory courses in Ethics, and Western and Non-Western Traditions, Philosophy offers students upper level courses in interdisciplinary areas including Ethics, Non-Western Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science and more.

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