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Our Students

Erin Mercurio

Philosophy and English major, 2015

I have always been curious about a wide variety of modes of thought—from the scientific to the literary—and studying philosophy has allowed me to better understand the ideas that form the foundation of each. It has given me confidence in my ability to work within and between various fields by allowing me to step outside of their boundaries and think critically about the assumptions they make, the methods they depend on, and the implications they have. Philosophy has also encouraged me to think both rationally and creatively, and for me, its value lies in its beauty as well as in its rigorousness.​

Devon Page

Politics and Philosophy major, 2014

I have had a wonderful experience in the philosophy department. The passion and intrigue my professors have brought to their curriculum is unmatched. Through the philosophy department I’ve gained a critical lens that allows me to analyze any system or structure and understand its processes and underlying foundations effectively.

The philosophy courses I’ve taken have provided me with the tools for examining the world through the unique and delving perspective of a philosopher; after taking these courses I feel akin to Socrates traveling Athens or Wittgenstein roaming the streets of Germany.

Michael Radig

Philosophy and History major, English minor, 2017

Ideas are powerful. Studying philosophy allows me to learn about some of history’s greatest ideas and thinkers. The ideas I study in my philosophy classes cover a wide variety of topics; everything ranging from ethics, to metaphysics, to art and science, and ultimately to knowledge itself. All of these ideas challenge me to think about these things in critical and nuanced ways. Through this nuanced and critical approach to ideas, I am better able to communicate effectively with others. There is also an aspect of self-growth where I am constantly reflecting on who I am and what I believe to be true. Philosophy, then, has helped prepare me, not only for specific aspects of future careers (e.g. presenting ideas), but for the rest of my life.

Ben Weinberg

Religion and Law, Politics and Society double major, 2017

Growing up in an interfaith family celebrating both Hannukah and Christmas with my family made all of my friends jealous. Then, I had to explain what it meant to grow up in an interfaith household, without actually knowing what it meant myself. These sorts of conversations started my fascination with religion and its place in society. At Drake, I got the opportunity to initially explore my interest in an academic study of religion. In every course that I have taken I have enjoyed exploring the many facets of religious study, expanding and challenging my views of common beliefs and practices, and building close relationships with my professors, while never once feeling that my own religious beliefs were threatened. In the Religion and Philosophy Department I have found a place to explore topics that are relevant to everyday life and make me a better-rounded global citizen.

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