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Protecting your personal safety

  • Call DPS. No matter how trivial an incident seems, or how harmless an unknown visitor appears, call Security any time of the day or night. The emergency number is 811 and the non-emergency number is 2222.
  • In case of fire or if an ambulance is needed, you should first call the Des Moines emergency number, 9-911, from any campus phone. Follow that call with a call to DPS. You should have your street address available when you call the Des Moines emergency number. If you need help in contacting DPS or any public authorities, ask your resident assistant or a University administrator.
  • Three’s a crowd. Don’t walk alone. Muggers and thugs don’t like company. Walk close to the curb, away from bushes, alleys or driveways. Stay in well-lit areas when walking at night and call a friend for an escort if necessary. If you must walk alone, let someone know when to expect you.
  • Keep yourself in the dark. Always pull your curtains or shades after dark. Never dress or undress in front of windows.
  • Keep good company. Think you’re being followed? Head immediately for a heavily used area. If you’re close to a building with people inside, go in and stay a while. Call Security.

"Who you gonna call? 811!"

Policy Statement


Drake Public Safety,
    non-emergency - 515-271-2222

- Des Moines police, fire, ambulance,
     emergency - 911

-  Des Moines police,
     non-emergency 515-283-4811

- American Republic Student
  Health Center  

- Employee Assistance Program

Title IX