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LiveLaw San Quentin

In December, 2015, four Drake students travelled to San Quentin Prison to take part in a groundbreaking LiveLaw legal storytelling event- the first of its kind held behind prison walls.   LPS majors Gabriella Gugliotta, Katie Berger, Jamie Wall, and Alliyah Greaver accompanied Professor Renee Cramer on the trip, where they joined more than 200 incarcerated and free Americans for an evening of song and reflection.  They learned about the tremendous programming available to incarcerated men in San Quentin, and heard first hand about how these men have grown through their participation.  

The event, dubbed A Whole 'nother World, was podcast nationally on Christmas Eve, and can be heard here.

After returning from San Quentin, the LPS students put on an evening event with excerpts from the program, sharing with the campus community about the impact of rehabilitative programs in this context.  They provided attendees with resources for learning more, and for activism around issues of prison recidivism, the school-to-prison pipeline, and the importance of rehabilitative programs for incarcerated Americans.

Photo Caption: Jamie, Alliyah, Gabriella, and Katie during their presentation to the campus community.


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