Anthropology & Sociology

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In our interdisciplinary programs, students explore important questions about how society functions and the ongoing consequences for people’s lives. Our programs’ emphasis on social organizations, justice, inequality, cultural practices, power and politics, personal identity, media, global issues, and social diversity give students outstanding preparation for civic engagement, graduate school, and careers in many fields. 

We offer majors in Anthropology/Sociology (ANSO), and Sociology (SOC), as well as two specialized Sociology majors: a Track in Crime, Violence, and Justice, and a Track in Social Services, Policy, and Advocacy.   We also have minors in Anthropology, and Sociology. 

Students experience vibrant community engagement as part of their course work, study abroad for credit, and enroll in courses led by our faculty traveling to places around the world. Advanced students pursue their own research interests through independent study and senior capstone courses. Our majors can investigate career options while earning course credit through internships in the community.

Students can also take part in the 3+3 program, which enables them to earn their undergraduate degree in one of our majors, and their law degree from Drake University's Law School, in six years instead of seven.


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