Anthropology & Sociology

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Anthropology and Sociology

Consider the cultural and social diversity of human experience.

Anthropology and Sociology (ANSO) and the Anthropology minor offer a multidimensional perspective on self and society. Students choose ANSO to learn about culture and society with a focus on language, diversity, and power. How do human societies create and use culture? In what ways has globalization changed lives around the world? How do power relationships define social issues? How do societies differ across space and time?

The program combines social theory and research design coursework along with elective classes. Community-engaged learning provides hands-on experience with local, national, and global contexts. You can also combine ANSO with study abroad for a semester or with language study on campus

ANSO majors combine the best of anthropology and sociology to better understand a globalized, multicultural world. The program prepares you for life and work in a global society. Many students pursue graduate study in anthropology, sociology, and in interdisciplinary areas like women’s and ethnic studies. ANSO graduates find work around the world in non-governmental organizations, government service, social services, law, human resources, higher education, and other fields.

2023 Catalogue Requirements for the ANSO major and the Anthropology minor
2022 and Prior Catalogue Requirements

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