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Types of Funding

Sponsored Programs

Externally funded programs (e.g. research, program development, public service, and training) at Drake University are supported by grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements funded by government agencies, foundations, associations, industry, and other external sources. Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) is the primary office responsible for accepting grants and processing contracts and cooperative agreements on behalf of the University in support of specific projects developed by University investigators. The following are characteristics of sponsored program funding:

  • Funding is given to the University in response to a proposal submitted by an investigator
  • The University enters into an agreement with the sponsor regarding how funds are to be spent and accounted for
  • The sponsor usually requires progress reports and may require other deliverables
  • Project work is subject to guidelines and regulations of the sponsor


The University also receives gift money from private parties interested in supporting Drake University. The Development Office is responsible for accepting gifts and administering the spending of such funds according to the wishes of the donating parties. If you are unsure whether funds are designated for a sponsored projet or are gift funds, please contact SPA or the Alumni and Development Office for assistance.

Internal Funding

Internal funding is also available to support research and other scholarly activities at the University. Internal funding programs provide faculty with the opportunity to begin building a track record in their area of interest. Successful administration of internally funded projects will help new investigators establish the credibility they need to obtain funding from external sponsors. Faculty should contact the Associate Provost's Office for more information on internal funding opportunities. Also check SPA's Drake Grant Program's page for quick internal University links.

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