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Areas to Consider when Identifying a Student of Concern

We recognize not everyone is an expert in identifying when a student is struggling and may not know how to help a friend, classmate or roommate.

While one of the concerns listed below may not seem significant, a combination of these signs may be cause for concern. Any information submitted may add to information we already have or initiate additional outreach to the student.

Here are some signs that a student may be struggling:

  • Class attendance: Is the student failing to meet attendance policies without any supporting documentation or communication as to their absenteeism?
  • Meeting attendance: Has the student missed multiple meetings without communication?
  • Quality of assignments or work: Has the quality of the student's assignments declined? Is the student not meeting deadlines? Is the content of an assignment concerning?
  • Shared information: Has the student shared information implying challenges in his or her life? Have the student's peers shared this type of information about the student?
  • Noticeable changes in how the student presents: Has the student's appearance changed in a way that is of concern? Have you noticed a behavior change?
  • Disengaging or isolating: Has the student disengaged from activities they previously enjoyed? Are they staying in their rooms all day, missing class, meals, or other activities?