MSE: STEM Education

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Master of Science in Education (M.S.E.) with an emphasis in STEM Education will engage K-12 teachers with fundamental STEM content as well as STEM teaching strategies. For most students, the STEM Education Master’s program will result in at least one of the State of Iowa’s STEM endorsements.

This program will require 32-credit hours focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics content and pedagogy.

Core Courses (14 credit hours)

STEM 220:   Methods of Engineering and Technological Design
STEM 235:   Mathematical Practices 
STEM 245:   Equity in Mathematics Teaching
STEM 274:   Science Methods and the Natures of Science and Mathematics
STEM 290:   Capstone Independent Study (2 credit hours)

All listed courses are 3-credit courses unless otherwise noted

Elective Courses (18 credit hours)*

STEM 210:   Integrated Science I 
STEM 211:   Integrated Science II 
STEM 215:   Algebra & Geometry for Elementary & Middle School
STEM 225:   Measurement & Statistics for Elementary & Middle School
STEM 280:   Introduction to Computer Sciences
STEM 281:   Introduction to Computer Science 2
STEM 282:   Computer Programming
STEM 283:   Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming 
STEM 284:   Operation systems
STEM 285:   Methods for Teaching K-12 Computer Science
STEM 286:   Introduction to Computer Systems
EDUC 289:   School Improvement through Coaching

All listed courses are 3-credit courses unless otherwise noted

*Chosen depending upon candidate experiences.  Advisor-approved substitutions will be accepted.  

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