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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What paperwork must an organization have on file with the Office of Student Life to be considered an "official" club?

  • Registration form electronically signed by advisor and president
  • Constitution
  • Purpose statement

2. What is my liability/risk associated with being a club/organization advisor? Can I personally be held responsible if something should happen with my group?

The simple answer is no, you will not be held personally responsible as long as you advise/guide in a manner consistent with common sense and follow Drake University and Office of Student Inclusion, Involvement & Leadership policies and procedures. It is important for you and the group to learn the information on the Student Life web site and ask questions if you don't understand something! All employees of Drake University are covered by institutional liability insurance as long as they are working within their job description and advising a Drake University club/organization falls within many job descriptions (e.g. service to the community if not explicitly stated). It is very important for you to understand that if you know of any illegal activity, or activities that are not in line with the Code of Conduct and chose to do nothing about this, you could be held responsible. Additionally, following industry standards (e.g. club sports teams wearing recommended protective gear, complying with film copyright laws), following Drake University procedures, (all travel or risky activities require a release/waiver form), following state and federal laws (e.g., hazing is illegal, drinking age), and using common sense go a long way in reducing your risk.

3. The club/organization wants to have alcohol at their event or meetings, what do I do?

Alcohol is NOT allowed at any club/organization event on campus

4. How does my group go about getting funding? Who is eligible for student activity fee funds?

The Student Fees Allocations Committee (SFAC) is a Drake University Student Senate committee that allocates student activity fee funds to clubs and organizations on campus. They annually allocate over $400,000 a year for events sponsored by Drake University groups. Please see the Student Handbook, SFAC guidelines section for more specific information on the process and who is eligible for funds.

  • Allocations from the Student Activity Fee cover costs of putting on programs or attending conferences.
  • All one time funding allocations must pass through the Student Fees Allocations Committee and Student Senate.

5. Who can be an advisor?

Any Drake University faculty or exempt staff member can be an advisor to a club or organization. Off-campus people are not allowed to advise Drake University clubs/organizations for many reasons: knowledge of the campuses and policies, insurance/risk management issues, and building a stronger campus community are just a few of these reasons. It is important to note that all clubs/organizations are required to have an advisor, therefore, your role is important. It is also important to note that off-campus individuals may not become members of Drake University clubs and organizations.

6. My group wants to plan an event, what should they do?

The Office of Student Inclusion, Involvement & Leadership and Student Life Center have many resources available for planning events. Our staff is here to help students plan successful events whether they are small activities or large events. It is very important to note that if outside speakers/performers/etc. are going to be used, that you advise the officers to work with the Office of Student Inclusion, Involvement & Leadership on contracts. Students may not sign contracts. Advisors also do not have the ability to sign contracts on behalf of the club/organization. Student groups must bring contracts to Tony Tyler or Kodee Wright for review

7. Who do I contact for questions?

You may contact any staff members of the Office of Student Inclusion, Involvement and Leadership


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