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Resources for Student Organizations


The staff within the Office of Student Inclusion, Involvement & Leadership, the Student Life Center, and the Olmsted Center & Pomerantz Student Union wants to make sure your student event is a success!  In order to achieve this goal, student organizations need to be aware of the processes and forms that must be followed and completed to keep things on track.  Consider this information to be similar to a course syllabus; in order to do well on any given assignment or an academic course, it’s important to follow the information provided by the professor. 

By working with your organization advisor and professional staff in advance of the event and/or program, your organization will be well on its way to achieving its goal(s) surrounding your event.  Working collectively, communication will improve and the event outcome should hopefully turn out as expected!  Remember, we are here to help – don’t hesitate to Contact the staff! 

 Need to request a breezeway banner, cashbox, sandwich board, or table tent space? Fill out this request form.

RSO Handbook

The RSO Handbook contains everything and anything an RSO needs to know in order to be a successful student group on the Drake Campus. From how to spend funding, to information on how to plan a successful event, to what is needed to host an event off campus, the RSO Handbook is the primary resource for student leaders, their advisors, and the Drake community.

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