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Welcome Weekend

Welcome Weekend 2024 

Move in day is August 21 and Welcome Weekend is August 22 - 24. 

Message from Marina Verlengia
Director, New Student Programs

Welcome Weekend is for all incoming students, both first year and transfer. First year students will have many events specific to them because of their First Year Seminar. Transfer and John Dee Bright College students will have special activities and opportunities for connection and engagement during those times. We encourage active participation throughout the week so that all incoming students start their Drake experience strong!

Welcome Weekend consists of three days of student, faculty, and staff interactions with a focus on:

  • providing challenging experiences that emphasize active learning
  • stressing the integration of curricular, co-curricular and residential activities
  • valuing the knowledge, perspectives, and input of others
  • understanding that important issues rarely have one, simple solution; appreciate that there are multiple ways of knowing
  • committing to your own emotional and physical well-being 
  • promoting service to the larger community
  • taking responsibility for your own learning 

Want to know more about Welcome Weekend?

Welcome Weekend is NOT an extension of high school; it is NOT summer camp; it is NOT the same as summer orientation.

  • It IS an opportunity for you to get to know your First Year Seminar (FYS) classmates and students on your floor and in the residence hall; commuter students can connect with each other as well those enrolled in their FYS.
  • It IS an expectation of your college or school (AS, BN, ED, JO, PHS) that you will attend a meeting where you will learn about college-specific information and interact with faculty and staff. These meetings are scheduled at various times throughout the week. Your time will be communicated to you. 
  • It IS an expectation that you will participate in ALL Welcome Weekend scheduled events and planned activities throughout the fall semester.
  • It IS an opportunity to get better acquainted with your Peer Mentor/Academic Consultant (PMAC).

Importance of Peer Mentor/Academic Consultants (PMACs)

Your Welcome Weekend and fall semester experience will be enhanced by interactions with your Peer Mentor/Academic Consultant (PMAC). Peer Mentor/Academic Consultants are upper-class student volunteers assigned to First Year Seminar (FYS) groups. Communication with your PMAC will begin within the next few weeks and continue throughout the fall semester. Based on research findings and past experiences, we believe peer-to-peer interaction with an emphasis on students' academic success and personal development is particularly important to overall growth during the first year in college. They have experienced the challenges and changes associated with being first-year students at Drake and they want to make sure that, you, too, are acclimated to your new environment before classes begin. PMACs will continue to serve as a resource and motivator throughout the fall semester. 

*Transfer students will also have a PMAC assigned to them. These PMACs will lead students throughout Welcome Weekend; there is not a First Year Seminar associated with these groups.*



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