Women's & Gender Studies

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Women’s and Gender Studies courses are cross-listed with courses from the following departments and programs:

See the catalog listing for a complete list of courses that count toward the WGS concentration.

WGS 075: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, 3 credit hours
This course is designed to familiarize students with women's experiences as well as with the ways in which society shapes notions of gender. The course also provides ways to identify and analyze how a society's notions of gender shape the ways in which a society sees and organizes itself. Class members examine the construction of women's social roles and their personal experiences, discussing points of congruence and dissonance. In this interdisciplinary course, reading and discussion materials are drawn from fields such as religion, sociology, psychology, political science and literature, among others, so students may examine the views, status and contributions of women. Class sessions consist of a mixture of lectures, guest speakers, films and discussion. Frequent writing and revision. Cross-listed with ENG 075/SCSS 075.

WGS 145: Special Topics, 3 credit hours
Course focusing on special topics, concepts, themes, or issues within the field of women’s and gender studies.

WGS 191: Internship, 3 credit hours
Opportunity for practical application of theoretical and research issues in applied work situations, with faculty supervision and evaluation. Prerequisites: Nine credit hours of completed work in women's and gender studies, written consent of women's and gender studies faculty advisor, and minimum WGS grade point average of 3.0.

WGS 192: Independent Studies, 3 credit hours
Directed independent study. Prerequisites: Nine credit hours of completed work in women's and gender studies and written consent of instructor.

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