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ePortfolios for WLC Minors

Drake students minoring in a language, East Asian Studies, or Latin American Studies are required to complete the WLC 147 Capstone to earn the minor. This one-credit-hour course will be supervised by a faculty member from the World Languages and Cultures department. Students will create an electronic portfolio of their best work in language and culture from their Drake career, demonstrating developmental progress and, most importantly, focusing on reflective writing to connect to the minor's learning outcomes.

As students complete work in related courses during their time at Drake, they should start collecting artifacts for their ePortfolios. Students may wish to consider these general ePortfolio instructions in preparation for WLC 147 Capstone for Language Minors (more specific directions will be given in class):

  • You will create your ePortfolio in your desired format. WordPress, Weebly, or Wix is recommended.
  • You will choose at least seven artifacts from courses you have taken (or are taking) that count toward the minor and upload them to your ePortfolio, representing each of the following areas:
    • reading
    • writing
    • presentational speaking
    • interpersonal speaking
    • listening
    • culture
  • Artifacts may include papers, exams, digital projects, recordings, etc. from the courses you have taken. If you need to include non-course-related artifacts, you must have them approved by the instructor.
  • Including an artifact on community engagement is strongly recommended, especially for students studying Spanish, but optional.

If you have questions about the ePortfolio, speak to your WLC advisor or write to

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