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Department Activities

Get to know WLC at one of our many events!  Below are some examples of upcoming and recent activities.

Upcoming Events

Faculty Lecture: Manet and Monet - mAsters of mOdern art
March 4, 2024 from 6:30 - 7:45pm

End the confusion! Learn to differentiate between Édouard Manet and Claude Monet, two French painters who were among the most influential figures in the development of the Modern Art movement. Dr. Natalie Benson, Adjunct Instructor of French at Drake University, will bring her considerable expertise to provide insight into these nineteenth century masters.

Recent Events

Faculty Lecture: Natalie Benson

Paris is known for many things: romantic strolls along cobblestone streets, world-renowned art collections, incredible historic monuments. And yet one of Paris’ greatest achievements is its transformation from medieval city to the modern capitol of Europe. Join Natalie Benson, PhD in Modern French Art and Literature and adjunct professor of French at Drake University, for this three-part series to discover how Paris brought us the dining room, sidewalks, public gardens, trash cans, the postal system, streetlights, and much more.

Arabic Workshop (changed to an online format) - Spring 2020


Global Citizen Forum's Nelson Student Research Symposium - Spring 2020


Arabic Breakfast - Spring 2020


Latin American Legends Project, displayed at the Weeks Gallery - Spring 2020



Arabic Evening - Fall 2019




Chinese Food and Tea Event - Fall 2019


Day of the Dead Celebration - Fall 2019


Arabic Breakfast - Fall 2019

Arabic Breakfast Flyer

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