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Minor in Spanish Language & Culture

The Department of World Languages and Cultures is happy to offer a minor in Spanish, requiring the completion of 21 credit hours, as outlined below. Please note we do not accept AP, CLEP, or IB credits towards minors.

If you have any prior experience with studying/speaking Spanish, please review our Placement Exam information prior to registration.

Please contact if you have questions about declaring a minor.

Objectives of the Spanish Minor

The program objectives/outcomes for the Spanish minor are as follows:

  1. To allow students to earn transcriptable recognition of their work in the Spanish language and culture beyond a listing of individual courses and
  2. To allow students to demonstrate their ability to communicate competently in the Spanish language and culture.

Successful completion of all required courses indicates that a student has achieved the desired outcomes.


Requirements for Spanish Minors Declared in Fall 2020 or Later

Students must take:

  • 15 hours in Spanish at or above SPAN 051 (third semester);
  • WLC 148 Intercultural Communication (3 hours); AND
  • Either one of the following:
    • One elective course taught in English that is related to the cultures of Latin America and/or Spain (3 hours); OR
    • An additional upper-level course in Spanish at or above SPAN 150 (3 hours).

Total = 21 hours (a minimum of 12 hours of Spanish courses must be taken at Drake)

Please note that we do not accept AP, CLEP, or IB credits for minors. 

Students may not receive both the Minor in Spanish Language and Culture and the Minor in Spanish for the Medical and Health Professions.


Requirements Prior to Fall 2020

Prior to Fall 2020, there were two tracks for fulfilling the requirements for a minor in language and culture. If a current student declared a minor before Fall 2020, they may choose either to continue with their previously-chosen track listed below or to switch to the current requirements set out above. (Students declaring a minor in Fall 2020 or later must meet the current requirements described above.)

Track 1

  • 18 hours in the language
    • for French, German, and Spanish, 18 hours above 051
    • for Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese, 18 hours beginning with 001 or above
  • WLC 148 Intercultural Communication (3 hours)

Total = 21 hours (a minimum of 12 credit hours must be taken at Drake)

Track 2

  • Language study, 001 and above (12 hours minimum, at least 9 must be taken at Drake; more than 12 hours would be acceptable and encouraged)
  • Courses in the fields of art, economics, English, history, marketing, music, philosophy/religion, political science, study of culture and society, world languages and cultures (up to 9 hours)

Total = 21 hours

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