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2023 Fellows

Drake hosted a cohort of 25 young professionals from across Sub-Saharan African for the 2023 Leadership in Business Institute, June 21-July 30.

Aisha Abdullahi Bubah (she/her)

Psychologist and mental health advocate from Nigeria


Abdoulie Conteh (he/him)

Software engineer and founder of a non-profit art gallery from The Gambia


Jared K. Lankah (he/him)

Agribusiness entrepreneur and youth employment advocate from Liberia


Clarah Kimtai (she/her)

Operations manager and advocate for access to healthcare from Kenya


Melânia Semedo (she/her)

Social entrepreneur focused on sustainability and community health from Cabo Verde


Doussou Khadija Kouyate (she/her)

Operations manager and communications professional from Senegal


Davidson Sama Ndofor Nwana (he/him)

Social entrepreneur in social care and education sectors from Cameroon


Felana Rajaonarivelo (she/her)

Photographer and documentary filmmaker from Madagascar


KB Gumbi (he/him)

Social media influencer and artist entrepreneur from Malawi


Adaeze Menekpugi (she/her)

Maternal health and postpartum caregiving professional from Nigeria


Elijah Affi (he/him)

Marketing and advertising professional from Nigeria


Daniel Lutaaya (he/him)

Journalist and managing director of an online news media company from Uganda


Sakina Traore (she/her)

Copywriter and communications professional from Côte d’Ivoire


Joseph Sounda (he/him)

Sales and marketing professional dedicated to youth employment from Gabon


Nabe Amadu Ali (he/him)

Business development consultant focused on sanitation from Guinea


Nkem Awachie (she/her)

E-commerce professional focused on women’s economic empowerment from Nigeria


Kuot Machiek (he/him)

Accountant and advocate for youth entrepreneurship from South Sudan


Samora Kibagendi (he/him)

Filmmaker and technology entrepreneur from Kenya


Jeannette Umutoniwase (she/her)

Social entrepreneur focused on youth and women’s empowerment from Rwanda


Fatima Souckar Terab (she/her)

Agribusiness entrepreneur and governmental advisor from Chad


Anthony Pereira (he/him)

Real estate and construction professional from Guiné-Bissau


Joan Patience Atuhaire (she/her)

Psychologist and social entrepreneur for health and gender equality from Uganda


Beverlyn Ganes (she/her)

Urban development professional and women’s empowerment advocate from Namibia


Chenai Muswerakuenda (she/her)

Legal professional focused on global agribusiness and trade from Zimbabwe


Arnold Chirimika (he/him)

Storyteller and strategic communications professional from Zimbabwe

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