FDA Steering Committee

Chair:  Joseph Piearson
Past Chair:  Lisa Lavia Ryan

Faculty Representative, Art & Design: Benjamin Gardner
Faculty Representative, Music: Clarence Padilla
Faculty Representative, Theatre Arts: John Pomeroy

Student Representative, Art & Design: 
Student Representative, Theatre Arts: Miranda Luze
Student Representative, Music: Jennifer Bjoin
Student Representative, Fine Arts Academic Senator: Maura Grace

Sally Bartlett
Jay A. Davidson
Richard L. Early
Mat Grenier
Sue Jensen
Andy Poppen
Cat Rocketship
Joyce Smith
Marnie Strate
Steve Swanson


Joe Lenz
Doug Lampe
Marilyn Dean

FDA Liaison: Tricia Atterberg
FDA Liaison: Emily Weaver

Honorary Members

Ann Anderson
Mertze Anderson
Harry Bookey
Dottie Butts
Don Easter 
Dorothy Hyman Goldberg
Lori Kalainov
Jane LaMair
Robert Lubetkin
Judy Rubin
Jean Samson
Mary Wine

University News
November 25, 2014
The Drake University College of Business and Public Administration is accepting applications for certificate programs that allow students and working professionals to add advanced credentials to their resumes without pursuing a degree.